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Hosea Today…
Part 2 of 2

Another recollection was the time that he had taken her on an extravagant shopping trip. He bought her several pairs of shoes with purses and hats to match. He bought her the most beautiful dresses, alluring lingerie, and the best fragrances. For three hours, he sat and waited for her while she was pampered with hair, nail, and facial services. Then, he “wined and dined” her at her favorite restaurant. When they arrived at home, she thanked him with a grandfatherly kiss on his cheek. Taking her new lingerie and fragrances, she left him at home.

“How much more of this am I to take, Lord?” he prayed. “This burden is more than I can bear. Everyone knows what’s going on and are laughing at me. They refer to me as the biggest fool of all times. My neighbors, my co-workers, even my children’s teachers have confessed to enjoying her in the lingerie that I gave her. You instructed me to love her in good times and bad – and I do with all my heart. However, I don’t know how to tame her, and my manhood is lost.”

He had made countless attempts to make her happy and want to be with him. Among his efforts was buying her an eight bedroom, five bathroom estate. When she said that she wanted a new car, he bought her the top-of-the-line, newest edition Mercedes Benz. When she asked for some “alone” time, he paid for her to travel abroad sending her with money for lavish shopping sprees. Every week, he gave her all of his salary, after bills were paid, and never questioned what she did with the money.

He tried compromising with her by giving her ‘space’ and resisting the urge to pressure her. He begged her to go with him to marital counseling, but she refused. He begged her to attend church with him, but she resisted as if fearing that she would catch afire upon crossing the threshold of a church. “Father, I just don’t understand” he said. “I have tried everything that I know to make her see that I love her.”

There were a few times that he thought he was going to “put his foot down” with her. He threatened to beat her if she and her friends were ever again caught snorting coke in the presence of the children. Not only did she continue, she encouraged the oldest child to participate. He threatened to permanently banish her from the home if she continued to party all night at the men’s club. She then began to party for several days at a time. He threatened to deny her access to funds and credit cards. She, in turn, sold the twenty thousand dollar ring set that he had given her.

His thoughts of all that has happened during their ten year marriage were pushed about as if assaulted by a bulldozer. Along with his feelings of despair, they were dug up, turned upside down, squashed under the weight of the tires, buried under tons of dirt, and dug up again. Still sitting in the corner of his room, he had no strength to protest, no strength to negotiate, no strength to hope for her return. He had no strength at all.

In case you have not made the connection, the rejected man is Jesus at Calvary, and the whoring wife is all of us. Are we to continue to mistreat Him - the one who does ALL to take care of us?

By Sister Flora Parrish