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Hosea Today…
Part 1 of 2

Slumped in the corner of his bedroom, exhausted and sad, he stared into the darkness. His music was playing, and the dogs were barking uncontrollably, but he heard only the sound, in his memory, of her last words,”I’m leaving!” This wasn’t the first time that she had left him for another man. No, not at all; it was the fifteenth. Each incident was equally as devastating and hard to accept as the previous. He always told himself that he would never take her back, that she had ruined his life for the last time. But, as always, his will was no match against her cunning cries for forgiveness. “Not this time though,” he told himself. “She cut me too deep. I can’t continue to take her back and endure this torment again!”

Over and over, the images of her and those men defiantly, teasingly played in his mind. The things that she was doing with them and the sound of their perverted laughter was haunting. He cried bitterly as his body convulsed. He beat the walls and the floor while screaming, “whhhyyy, whhhyyy, whhhyyy?” Eventually, he had no more tears, his eyes were swollen shut. His fists were a bloody mess of shredded skin. He was completely worn out causing him to sink to the floor in that corner. He had no strength to move for the remainder of the night.

Drifting in and out of torturous sleep, he recalled the time that she informed him of her first pregnancy. Of all nights to tell him, she chose the night that he arrived home from working a six day, twenty-hour span during the hottest week of the year. He had worked at all three of his jobs, one at the construction site , one at the factory, and the other at the farm. All were extremely labor intensive; so, he was tired, hot and “bothered” when she opened the door. At first, he didn’t notice her quiet statement that the baby was not his.

Slowly oozing like pus from a sore, the words finally penetrated into his brain. At first, he silently repeated them to himself. Then, he became louder and louder each of the ten times that he said them. He was so enraged that the quaking from his body caused the floor to vibrate. Pictures fell from the wall, furniture shifted, and her favorite mirror broke. He wanted to slap her to the floor. He wanted to grab her by her neck and literally throw her out of his house. He wanted to yell at the top of his lungs. But he didn’t.

He simply sat down, placed his hands on the top of his head, and stared at her. Not only did he assume responsibility for that child’s care, he accepted the six who followed – who also were not fathered by him. He had even accepted that she had several abortions that she thought were hidden from him. To Be Continued!!!!