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Wednesday, March 09, 2011



Grace and Peace to the people of God. We are now in the third week of the year 2011. If you are reading this article, then praise the Lord you’ve been blessed to witness the beginning of another new year. The old year is behind you and can never be relived. Its record is made and cannot be changed. No doubt there were things you wished were done differently, some things were left undone, and some regrets. However it is my hope there were good decisions made in 2010 that still leaves a smile on your face.

As a ministry we’ve made great strides from 2010 to the threshold of 2011. Yes there have been some disappointments, but there also have been victories. Souls are being added to the Church such as should be saved. Many are experiencing “ a new awakening” of the Power of God. We’re thankful for the grace and mercy He gives us every day. Though all have sinned and fell short of God’s glory, his words promise us “we can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens us.

The challenge and calling of every believer today is emphasized in Colossians 3:1. This chapter begins with an IF. If you have been redeemed, accepted God’s gift of salvation then ….”be risen with Christ.” To be risen with Christ is to be risen to eternal life. In this verse not only have the Colossian believers been freed from sin, they have also turned to a new life, leaving behind old ways, habits, values, vices, interests, and sins. Seek those things, which are above: (Col: 3-2). These “things” include deeper knowledge of Christ, a closer fellowship with Him, experience of His resurrection power, and victory over sin. The Greek word literally says, “Set your mind on things above.” The readers are not to be preoccupied with things on this earth, such as legalistic practices (Col 2:16, 21-23), and vices (v. 5); nor are they to dwell on things that are not wrong in themselves, (houses, jobs, careers, ambitions, etc.) but can be wrong should they become priorities above Christ.

What a passage this is to challenge us in this New Year.

  • Live, as God would have us too.
  • Accomplish that which He desires for us. Be found in his pure will.

We have a new day before us. God is the God of new beginnings.
Let us resolve to commit our ways unto Him, and He will direct our path.
Don’t fail to start! It takes more power to start a car and get it moving than it does to keep it running. A car uses less power running than starting. Cars too must start in low gear, after that they move to higher gear, because the motion helps to keep it going. A life in motion helps itself. If it is started right it is easier to go right. For the lost man woman, boy or girl the start begins with believing and receiving and obeying the Word of God.

Submitted by
Elect Lady, Evangelist G. Patricia Baker